Cursos de alemán en Marburg

Learn German language in Germany!

Would you like to learn or maybe improve your German skills?

Take the chance to acquire German language, experience the local culture

and immerse yourself into a medieval City of Marburg / Germany!

Start creating your future today!

Take advantage of worldwide globalization and become a part of transnational movement!

Germany is a ‘Global Player’ in fields of Economics, Technology and International Politics! By developing
your language and intercultural skills, along with networking, you expand your portfolio and boost your
international career chance’s!

Welcome to Germany!

The Language-School DIWAN offers you the opportunity to learn the German language and culture.  In addition, course participants will be acquainted with the country and its rich history, customs and traditions as well as with the daily life and lifestyle of the local people. The course will also offer day trips to neighboring German and European cities in addition to local cultural events.

Our aim is the broadening of the intercultural exchange between people and countries!

Welcome to Marburg! 

Marburg is a university town nested between Old Upper Town, the medieval Landgrave Castle and the Lahn River.  Marburg is surrounded by beautiful, rolling hills that adorn its beautiful landscape. Here the medieval times are still evident – you can see and feel it with all five senses.

The foundation of the city was laid in 13th Century by Elizabeth – Hungarian princess, widow of the landgrave Ludwig of Thuringia. Her daughter Sophie made Marburg the new main residency of the successive dynasty. Here, if not in Kassel, the Hessian landgraves resided until 1604. The Philipp’s University of Marburg was founded 1527 by Landgrave Philip the Magnanimous. The monastery left vacant by the Reformation was turned over to the “School of Higher Learning”. Eleven professors and 84 students commenced academics on July 1st, 1527. Prominent names can be found on the list of professors, such as the chemist Robert Bunsen. Among them are also nine Nobel laureates, for example, the physicist Ferdinand Braun. Of particular importance was and is Emil von Behring who in 1901 received the first Nobel Prize for Medicine. He founded a pharmaceutical company in Marburg that is still in operation today.

Study Marburg – the city with the Old Botanical Gardens, a peaceful green oasis in the middle of the city that invites you embark on a pleasant journey through yesterday and today. A pedal boat ride along the river is as much a part of it as the climb to the castle. This of course takes a bit of an effort with all the stairs, but in the end you’ll be rewarded with a fantastic view over the red tiled roofs of the old town in the Lahn valley.

Culture, History and Science inspired each other perpetually and formed the tessellated character of Marburg. It is a place to feel like at home!

Experience a trip down a memory lane!

Acquaintanceship – Friendship – Networking/Socializing

Due to Internet, the world has become smaller and more reachable. People are communicating and interacting with each other soaring over geographical boarders.  Cross-Cultural awareness of countries and their people are in high demand and essential. In view of the current global labor market, intercultural skills are considered a general knowledge. In the light of this context the attendance at a language course in a foreign environment with multicultural participants may be seen as a huge personal and professional quality.

During your stay you will get the chance to socializing and making lifelong friendships which might be useful for further journeys. An experience you can’t put a price on!

We don’t offer homogeneously taken courses! It is our Goal to bring people and cultures together, to improve their language, intercultural and communication skills, but above all to make sure that all our participants have positive experience and a great time in Germany!

What do we offer? 

German intensive language course (4, 8 or 12 weeks):

  • Entry-level Test
  • Professional and knowledgeable teachers (individual language level)
  • Lodging Accommodations (4, 8 or 12 weeks room and board)
  • Individual mentoring through German-English speaking staff
  • Multitude cultural, leisure and excursion possibilities
  • Option to discover the scholastic atmosphere at the Philipp’s-University of Marburg. If you require any further information (admission requirements, application, tuition and fees) our team will gladly assist you on any questions you might have.

Why come to Marburg? 

  • Marburg is located in the center of Germany
  • Marburg is a multicultural and vibrant city with over 22,000 students from all over the world
  • Marburg is rich in history and culture
  • Marburg is a city surrounded by nature – a place to unwind
  • Marburg is a location for science and scientific research
  • Marburg is a special place – an excellent mix of tradition and foresight